Corned Beef Stew

This was an inspiration given to me by a lady at WalMart, but is my own recipe. And it came out really good.

3LB Corned Beef
2 Cans Campbell’s Beefy Mushroom Soup
1 Jar Campbell’s Savory Beef Gravy
1 Jar water (just use the empty gravy jar)
1/2 bag frozen mixed veggies (I used carrots, peas, and green beans)
2 can’s Diced Potatoes (or just dice some potatoes yourself)

1) Put your two cans of soup and your jar of gravy and water into crock pot and stir.
2) Place your corned beef into the crock pot, and add the seasoning packet that came with it. If frozen, let simmer 4 hours. If thawed, simmer for 2 hours.
3) Add potatoes and veggies and let simmer 2 more hours.
4) Removed corned beef and cut into bite sized cubes. Be sure to put the fat back in the crock pot as well. Let simmer another hour, hour and a half.


Dip french bread into gravy if desired.

Download & Print this recipe

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